All important information about the holiday home and stay from A to Z sorted:


Problems or questions? Just call our house management (Frank Liedtke: +49 152 2977 3907).

Arrival and departure

Arrivals can be made on the first day from 4 pm and on the day of departure you should leave until 10 am the house. Please contact our administration if you want to be a bit more flexible, we will try to make it possible. On change days, so when new guests arrive on the same day, our administration naturally needs time to prepare everything. Just talk to us and we will find a solution.

ATM and bank

You will find an ATM at the harbour in front of the Café "Eis und Heiß". Otherwise you would find all bigger banks opposite in Stralsund.

Barbecue and fire bowl

In the garden house (or where it is right now) you will find a great Weber charcoal grill! Barbecue utensils and a brush for the grill are hanging in the garden house. Barbecuing with the lid closed opens up great possibilities as it combines baking and grilling! You can easily light it with the charcoal starter and a piece igniter under it. Please place the (cold!!) grill in the garden house and leave a stone on the bottom of the grate. You can find them in the garden. If there is wind it will fly through the area.

Use the fire bowl please only on the gravel surface, it would be a pity around the lawn. We try to provide you with wood and if there is no wood left, you can get it from one of the hardware stores in Stralsund (Next: hagebaumarkt, Rostocker Chaussee 6-8, 18437 Stralsund, approx. 12 min. drive).


There are stands for your bicycles or you can lock them into the garden house.


Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 174 2049250

Regular guests get a discount of 10%!

The price includes: towels and bed linen, all additional costs, Internet (Wi-Fi), children's equipment

Breakdown service / garage

24h breakdown service locally on site in Stralsund:

DAPA Stralsunder Towing, breakdown service, garage
Am Langendorfer Berg 8
18437 Stralsund
Tel.: +49 3831 / 47110

ADAC-breakdown service:

Breakdown service inland (landline): 0 180 2 22 22 22 (0,06 €/call german landline)
Mobil: 22 22 22 (Connection costs depending on the network operator / provider)

Carbon monoxide detector

For your security there is a carbon monoxide warning device in the living room. In case of an alarm, please open doors and windows immediately and leave the room. For further information on this, please see the manufacturer’s manual.

Children's equipment

All floor sockets in the house are childproof. However, you should not plug anything in. There are two children's beds, a fall guard for one bed, a stair guard at the top, two highchairs, a changing table, a play corner and crockery for the little ones. What you can't already find in the living rooms, our administration will gladly hand over to you free of charge.

Cleaning stuff

There is a small cleaning equipment behind the curtain in the bathroom. This should do for little dirt, such as sand from the beach etc. You will also find a hoover there.

Cost for consumption

The additional costs are included in the rent and there is no annoying billing.


Please report your damage or loss to the property management, because something like this can happen anytime and we can quickly arrange for a replacement. In case of bigger damages your liability will take over the damage.


There are many doctors in Stralsund, here a general practice:

Dr. med. Christian Eichkorn und Claudia Eichkorn (Specialists in general medicine)
Medical center - Marienstr. 2-4
18439 Stralsund
Tel.: +49 3831 / 258229

DVD-/Blu-Ray player

The lowboard also contains a BluRay player and a small selection of BluRays. The player is connected to HDMI 1 of the TV. Select this source on the TV.

Emergency call

In Germany, emergency number (fire brigade, ambulance) is 112, for police 110.


Do you miss something? Do you have improvement suggestions? Or do you like something in particular? Please pass your valuable feedback just on to us or our house management and we will try to realise your advice.

Ferry to Stralsund

Relaxed and carless to Stralsund? No problem! Take a short stroll to the harbour, enter the ferry and off across Strelasund to the beautiful hansa town. You will find departure times at our pinboard in the hall and at

Filetting table

In the garden house you will find a foldable filetting table. Hose pipe and bucket are also there. In the kitchen there should also be a simple filleting knife. Please dispose all fish remainders, ideally immediately into the rubbish container. Otherwise, there might be unwelcome animal visitors, please also see “Seagulls & Co”.

Final cleaning

The final cleaning is done by our property management for you. Please leave the house swept clean and tidy and dispose your last garbage. Please clean barbecue and fireplace when used. Please empty the dishwasher or put on the last load when you leave. It would be nice of you, if you take off your bed linen before you leave and put them in a pile in the hall or bathroom. For that a big thank you!

Fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Hopefully never needed, but deposited in the hall.


For cool evenings and a cosy atmosphere we have a fireplace for you. We try to provide you with wood and if there is no wood left, you can get it from one of the hardware stores in Stralsund (next: hagebaumarkt, Rostocker Chaussee 6-8, 18437 Stralsund, approx. 12 min. drive). For the fireplace you don't need much and also not too big wood, it gets quite warm quite fast.

Inexperienced people should familiarise themselves briefly with the instructions for the fireplace, as incorrect heating can also be dangerous. A short instruction and the detailed description of the manufacturer can be found at the fireplace. Please do not vacuum the chimney with a vacuum cleaner. Fire hazard!


The island of Ruegen is rightfully renown as one of the best fishing resorts in Europe. The chapter “fishing” further on will give you more detail on this.

Garden furniture & Co

In the garden there are sunbeds ready for you to sunbathe extensively. You will find cushions for chairs and the cushions for the sunbeds in the box and/or in the garden house. You will find a small parasol with stand in the garden house.

Garden house

The garden house should give you the possibility to park bicycles, baby carriages or other things sheltered from the rain. Smokers can also smoke in the rain under the towed roof. In the garden house you will find barbecue and grill utensils, filleting table, cushions and garden hose. The key for the lock from the box and from the garden house is identical and is on your bunch of keys.


Leave something personal in the guestbook and look at the posts of the other guests. We are always happy about new entries!

Hair dryer

In both baths there is a hairdryer in the vanity unit of the washbasin..


Everywhere in the house there is underfloor heating. Temperature can be controlled with the thermostat in every room. The point on the thermostat corresponds to a room temperature of about 21 degrees. This kind of heating naturally only reacts to changes with some delay.
Please don’t change the setting of the main thermal oven as it is attuned exactly. If there’s a problem, please just contact our house management.

Hi-Fi equipment and radio

The Hi-fi equipment should constantly be in stand-by mode so that settings of broadcasting stations and time are being saved. You can connect your smart phones with the equipment via jack.


HELIOS Hanseklinikum Stralsund
Große Parower Straße 47-53
18435 Stralsund
Tel.: +49 03831 / 32-0


Actually everything necessary should be available and we don't want to burden you with an inventory after your arrival (we had already experienced it ourselves!). Please inform our administration if something is missing, so that they can quickly provide a replacement, or give us ideas what we can still improve. During your next stay there is a high probability that you will find it in your holiday home.


Who would like to iron on vacation, no problem. You will find the iron and a small ironing board in the cupboard in the back right bedroom.


Manuals for the electronic device is situated next to the relevant apparatus and also in a summary in the lowboard underneath the TV set.

Medical emergency service

You can call 116 117 for medical emergency service e.g. on weekends to find the nearest doctor who is on service.

Parking space

You may park two cars on the way up to the house. At the main road of Sonnengarten, there is also a parking slot marked “Haus 43”.


The nearest pharmacy is in Stralsund:

Frankendamm 23
18439 Stralsund
Tel.: +49 3831 / 292295

Notdienst-Hotline: 0800-228 228 0

Pillows and blankets

In the bedrooms you will find on the closet thinner or thicker blankets depending on the season. In the large bedroom there are two less thick pillows in the sack with the star.

Poison center

Tel.: +49 361 / 730 730


We would be very happy if you rate us on Google Maps and Facebook an make an entry in our guestbook.

Registration Act

According to Registration Act, we are obliged to collect your personal data on arrival and pass them on to the community. For international guests, this goes also for the passport No.

Regular guests

Repeat offenders, they are also called regular guests, get a discount of 10 %!

Rent a bicycle

CLICK.RENT.RIDE, that is the motto of the provider GREEN4RENT with currently 8 E-Bikes in different classes, rentable directly at the tourist information in the port. The modern bikes can be rented around the clock and very conveniently via app. There are several rental stations on the island. The bikes can be easily parked at another station.

You can rent bicycles through the company LEIHBIKE who will deliver the bikes directly to the house. Delivery fee: 3 € per bike; rental fee: 6 € for a children’s bike, for adults as of 8 € per day.
Despite the high number of bikes available, you better book the bikes three days in advance.

Jana Ewert
Zur Schwedenschanze 15
18435 Stralsund

Fon: +49 3831 456 629
Mobile: +49 162 581 0690
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rent a boat

Down in the harbour there are lots of boats of all classes for rent, meanwhile even pedal boats! First port of call is the ferry house (tourist information). If you have your own boat with you, you can easily slip it into the harbour and reserve a berth with the harbour master (0171 9635690).


In Altefaehr there are a lot of restaurants: Starting with the "Marina", the authentic Greek "Athos" up to the upscale cuisine in the "Strandhaus". There is a nice café "Eis und Heiß" and the café "Buhne 9" directly in the harbour. In the fish box there are great fish creations! On our website you will find detailed information.


Rubbish disposal is offered around the Sonnengarten. As you might know, Germans separate their rubbish. There it can be separated into residual waste (black garbage can), recyclables (yellow garbage can) and paper (blue garbage can). You can split the rubbish boxes in the kitchen accordingly. You can find glass containers at the road to Barnkevitz (also divided according to colours of glass: white, green, brown).

Seagulls & Co

There are many species of animals and birds at the Baltic Sea, that have adapted to humans. They spot nearby food immediately, so you better don’t leave food remainders or rubbish outside – it will otherwise be spread perfectly across the whole premises. For the same reason, please refrain from feeding the animals.

Seat cushions

You'll find it in the garden house or the box. The key for the lock from the box and the garden house is identical and is on your bunch of keys.

Service office

Our house is not being looked after by the service office at the entrance of the holiday park as we have our own house management (Frank Liedtke: +49 152 2977 3907). Just give him a call in case of any problems.

Sheets and towels

The laundry packages are always included in the rental price, so no more dragging and dropping off! It would be nice of you to take off your laundry before you leave and throw it in the hallway or bathroom in one pile.

Shopping facilities

The village has a little shop called “Dit & Dat” (“This and That”). It offers basic food and goods, also your rolls for breakfast. For more extensive shopping you will find all you need in Stralsund (all supermarkets you can imagine) and Samtens (super markets Netto and Norma).

Social media

We are on Facebook and Instagram (hashtag #ferienhausfraeuleinmeer). We are happy about every follower and ratings!

Socket outside

There is a wall socket outside in the middle of the terrace. You can turn it on with the switch on the right of the terrace door.


There are numerous things to do and experience on the island of Rügen and nearby. The chapter “activities” further on shall give you some initial ideas. In the hallway you will find many brochures and a travel and bike guide you should find on the bookshelf.

TVs, Streaming

The TVs receive free Astra Sat channels and a list of channels can be found in the furniture under the TVs. Both TVs are smart and connected to the Internet. If you have the corresponding accounts at Netflix, Amazon etc. you can stream or use the media libraries! Don't forget to log off of the corresponding apps before you leave. The TV in the bedroom has a small main switch on the right side if the blue light annoys you.

Vacuum cleaner and bags

Near the washing machine you will find a vacuum cleaner. If the dust bag is full you can contact our management. Please do not vacuum the fireplace with it. Risk of fire!

Visitor's tax

Since 2017, Altefähr is a seaside resort again and raising a visitors’ tax. Landlords have to collect and transfer the tax to the community in full, see also Registration Act: 1,20 € per day and person (as of 16 years).

Washing maschine

In the lower bath room behind the curtain there’s a washing machine and a dryer.

Water tap garden

Next to the main door there’s a water tap outside which can be linked to the water plug in the garden. So e.g. filling of a small pool should be no problem.


The website of Ferienhaus Fräulein Meer gives you a lot of information: You can book the house and you will find there a lot of information about the surroundings and possible activities. Just click:


The holiday home is connected to the new fiber optic network and we can offer you a high-speed Internet access via Wi-Fi as a free flat rate for any number of devices. You will find the access data (and a note with the conditions which is absolutely worth reading) in the hallway.