A sturdy pike from the Kubitzer Bodden

With its diversity, the island of Ruegen is one of the best and most scenic fishing areas in Europe. And the seaside resort Altefaehr offers an ideal starting point to discover this diversity.


In Germany, as always a bit more complicated, but now tourists without a fishing licence can easily acquire a tourist fishing licence and a fishing permit. You can find the regulations in the brochure "Fishing in Mecklenburg Vorpommern", which you can get down in the harbour if there is none left in the house. For owners of a fishing licence only the "Fishing permit for coastal waters in the area of application of the independent fishing law of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania" must be acquired, which can even be obtained online: https://erlaubnis.angeln-mv.de. You can also buy them in the harbour master's office or in the fishing shops mentioned below.

Fishing tackle shops

For newcomers, this is certainly the first port of call for equipment, permits and tips on baits and spots. Right opposite in Stralsund you will find for example

Boat rental, slipways and berths

There are some local boat rentals, e.g. "Hol Ueber" and Hotel Sundblick. If you have your own boat with you, you can easily slip it in the harbour and reserve a berth with the harbour master for a small fee.

Fishing around Altefaehr

Altefaehr and the island of Ruegen in general offer the advantage that you have very good chances for great fish from both land and water. The different methods and target fish fill whole books, so here is just a small overview of the possibilities.


Right on the doorstep and well-known nationwide for herring fishing in March and April, followed by the great garfish fishery and, from the end of the closed season, a top-class pike-perch area with real chances of 90 cm fish and more. There are good wading areas along the "Yellow Bank" right here in front of the front door. Waders on, walk the dirt road to the coast and trick the pike with flat-running lures. In the early morning or in the evening hours a wonderful experience. On the sheet pile walls and beaches to the left and right of Altefähr, it is also possible to fish for capital whitefish, eels and all predators, so there should be something for every type of fish.

Kubitzer Bodden

The name "Kubitzer Bodden" should cause the passionate pike fisher a slight tingling, because here the really big pikes are waiting for you. There are probably few areas in the world where the chances for the meterfish are as good as here. And also here you can fish great distances with the waders. It is certainly a bit more scenic from the water and with the appropriate seaworthy and motorized boat the Kubitzer Bodden can easily be reached from Altefähr in approx. 20 - 30 minutes. Please pay attention to the national park regulations, otherwise it can become expensive, because the water police often control.

Baltic Sea

With the cutter or boat on cod, from land with the spinning rod on sea trout or the surf rod on plates, even an excellent salmon trolling is possible. There is everything the fisher's heart desires on this island and with a little luck the fish of life. Hail Peter!